Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pointy hats but flat surf!

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Flat everywhere…Rocket, Jinshan offshore and 2 inches. Baishawan similar and the Pilly had tiny wind whipped waves. We went for a swim and also christened our pointy hats!
Aaza and Clarky were heading to Baishawan for a paddle on the big blue beast as we went the other way.
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Friday, April 29, 2005

Carl and Tobes find Lake Jinshan

No joy for the boys as Jinshan resembled a lake today. Johnny Rose's shop is up and running...all sorts of surf gear and stuff to eat.
The boys also report that Jinshan is gearing up for "clean up day" tomorrow with the beach being grided off. So, avoid Jinshan tomorrow..there will be people everywhere.
Looks like being flat again tomorrow....good luck!

Big Garry cruisin' in Bali

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Big Gazza's mate was bludging in the channel and got a few shots of our man at Airports Lefts in Bali. Garry will be back there in just 39 days.....not that he's counting!
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

pointy hat boy

Welcome to the Pointy Hat Surf Club! I'll post a brief surf report and a photo if I take one, I hope at regular intervals. The other members of this club will (hopefully) sometimes send me a short report or a photo, so I can post that too.
I've included our most vital links on the right, so you can navigate to check the weather and swell etc.

Message from Tobes

Penry and I went to the world trade center yesterday and we ran into Alex, Maxum surfboards boss. He gave us a site that he says we can pick from for board designs. He will then produce the board you want in the mainland at a cost of 1200NT per board foot. You can pick your own colors and logo. Very Cheap. Log on to the site below and check it out.
Brian (this site has now been added to the links under "board design")