Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Swell II

Looks like Danno got to surf the legendary Dog Bay just out of Dasi. This wave is the one where Dave and Ross got some heart-in-the-mouth lefts some years ago. Only works about once a year. Dan reports in: "Hitting a small spot just before town we happened to see a guy tuck in to an outstanding wave and hit the water. It was breakin pretty heavy and close to the rocks but being a respite from months without surf I was into it, despite the lack of fitness that left me grasping for breath after the heavy poundings. Each set got bigger and bigger and eventually after a couple of hours it was just not handing the size and the only thing to do was to paddle in. Only a few people paddled out during the session with the rest watchign from the safety of the shoreline. One local dude was absolutely ripping the place up with an impressive desplay of solid surfing. On the way back past Dashi the beach was empty and sizeable waves were washing in."
See video above.

Saturday Swell

It was a very interesting day. Dave headed to Greenball via Pillbox. Dan went to Fulong, then Dasi. Scott was at Pointies, then Little Yeliou. Pillbox, above had a touch of offshore, but was messy and swell in the wrong direction. Greenball was pumping some typhoon generated surging waves, it was very windy and a strong current. Dave met JB at Greenball and Scott reported some smaller stormies coming in at the top coast. Dan was headed to Dasi as Fulong was maxed out.
Dave joined a small crew out at Greenball, but was a total kook, hardly getting a decent wave on his brand new MR Spitfire. It was however, great to feel some surging water power again, but probably not the best choice for a wave after two months off! The camaraderie of the guys out there was great: lots of help to pull boards up over the pods, as the water really surged up to the exit spot. To add insult to injury he managed to crunch two dings through the glass on the bottom of his pristine newie...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tobes reports in from yesterday afternoon: "Nice swell yesterday… with occasional shoulder/head high sets. Started off too crowded, but by late afternoon the crowd had thinned out. Really fun day. The local boys said today should be more of the same. Perhaps a little smaller, best in afternoon. Attached are some photos/vids taken with the “gopro” from the beach in very low light so the quality is not so great. That camera needs lots of sunshine to be at its best."

I'll try to post a little video Tobes took as well. It's great to see a few waves breaking at long last!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sinlaku sighs

Dave left Dan in the lurch at 5am on Saturday, but there wasn't much on. Surf was big and wild as expected, but the boys in blue were everywhere. No more joy this morning as Green Ball had a small, but nice shape...just taking this photo inspired a local roller to stop and wait till I got back in the car. Pillbox was too full and everywhere had the most water flowing over rocks and banks that I've ever seen. Local news reported some foreigners not heeding police calls to get out of the water: unfortunately, it wasn't us!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stand up wind swell

Tobes and Gary got some standup action at Jinshan proper really early on Sunday morning. It was pretty much just a wind swell, but still a bit of a wave. Pointy of the Month coming soon....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Header!

We have a new header featuring our guys on our local breaks with lots of different styles portrayed. I think it gives a good idea of our philosophy (having fun), and also shows what we can get if we're patient enough!

Dan Robbo reminded me of the magic seaweed site, and I've moved their Wushi graphic down on the right under the Wavewatch graphic. There is also a link under "Taiwan" on the right. Check it out: they have great reports and links to all sorts of other pics, blogs and sites.