Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Header!

We have a new header featuring our guys on our local breaks with lots of different styles portrayed. I think it gives a good idea of our philosophy (having fun), and also shows what we can get if we're patient enough!

Dan Robbo reminded me of the magic seaweed site, and I've moved their Wushi graphic down on the right under the Wavewatch graphic. There is also a link under "Taiwan" on the right. Check it out: they have great reports and links to all sorts of other pics, blogs and sites.


Dan, Nicky, Zef and Evie said...

I love the new header Braggie! Hey! I didn't realise that that the surfer babe, bikinied beauty Bei bei was one of 'our' guys!!! LOL!
Nicky :-)

david said...

always got to have one "ring-in" Danno!

david said...

Sorry Nicky, didn't notice your by-line know I would have stuck with local folk, but Dan just refused to wear that bikini and place himself thoughtfully in a barrel when I was out taking a few shots!

Dan Robinson said...

Yeah he is a bit of a piker.... Cassie not keen either huh?