Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pointy of the Month: Dave

Name or nickname: Braggy, Bragé
Favorite surfing beach: Merewether point or Angourie
Best surfing moment (describe): can’t split the many times of sitting in the sun, fun size offshore waves with just a mate or two trying to outdo one another!
Also, surfing 8’ stormies with Nat Young at Angourie…he was mental!
Surfing hero (and why): I’ve always been in awe of MR. He’s from Newcastle and he has that “wounded seagull” style I love.
Favored board type: Something pretty small and maneuverable
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Just once, I’d like to nail a simple forehand re-entry…vertical, fins out, you know the drill
Dream surf spot: Merewether, offshore and sunny, 6 foot and barreling, just a couple out
Other sport (play) and (watch): anything brutal..rugby league is my favourite to watch
Greatest personal sporting moment(s): diarrhea attack half way up Heartbreak Hill in the City to Surf..a good look and seen by thousands!
Ultimate pin up: Sophie Marceau or Jennifer Connelly
Food: Indian, fish and chips, baked lamb dinner
Drink (variety): beer (Crownies or VB), good quality aussie red wine
Thing you miss most about home: local TV news, clear blue skies, restaurants
Thing you like best about Taiwan: service, the “buzz”,
Music: U2, Kiss, Most Aussie rockers (Oils, Chisel, INXS, Hunters, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Powderfinger, Jet and of course, silverchair!)
Best advice you’ve ever had: Work to live, don’t live to work
Movie: anything “2” eg Terminator 2, Rocky 2, Godfather 2, Kill Bill 2 etc.
Collections: DvDs, I had a weird collection of Japanese cigarette lighters once.
Who would play you in a movie?: I’d love Sean Penn, but maybe this dude from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” would be more realistic.
Current car: ½ of the famous “auburgino”
Dream car: Black 1998 Harley Davidson Dyna Glide
Near death experience: Flew past a telegraph pole at 80 km/h after crashing a motorbike; had to pick splinters out of my shoulder.
Your idea of a great night out: Bobby P’s sounds great…it would be even better without a hangover!
Philosophy on life: Two men enter, one man leaves.

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