Saturday, June 11, 2005

Carl's Jinshan day

I'm back in Aussie now and Merewether is serving up some small, but clean offshore swell. I'm spinning out at the beauty. Carl reports from Taipei......

"Jinshan was going off today……3-4 foot solid with only 6 guys out and a lot of lookers I got about 8 great waves. Slight offshore. Clayton arrived as I left. He heard it was going off. Easy gutter out if timing was good. Some waves reforming for left along shore. Dave this one rates up there with one of the best days.
Rain and thunder predicted for next 5 days..oh shit!!!
Rocket was closing out in one line so went back to Jinshan (small crowd) and took my chances …had a great day….I know it’s a one off….Typhoon right near Osaka so swell is coming straight down
Sorry grand pointy…forgot the camera…but do have witnesses.
Will try again tomorrow….actually had my heart pumping quite a bit but form was good.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bob's Lament

east coast Posted by Hello

Bob stayed the night at Dashi to try to get some's his story:

Actual surf was better than the picture…but mostly closing out. Nobody was stupid enough to join me in the line up. Woke up this morning for dawn patrol and the swell had dropped in half…..that was a short swell window…

Total Driving time: 4 ½ hours round trip (drove from Jinshan to Toucheng and back to Dahshi and finally got in the water).
Total Surf time: 2 ½ hours (2 sessions)
Other alternatives: would have been better off surfing in the DumbSuay River.
Overall Rating: another priceless Taiwan driving experience

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Notice of Dismissal!

carl breaks out of a barrel at the rocket Posted by Hello

Carl told us that a fisherman on the wall at the rocket took this photo of him, but.....(we were very suspicious when he handed us a disc when we got there and the person on this wave does not appear to be wearing the signature "Lochrin Blue" rashy)
Just before Ross and Dave arrived, Carl tried to get himself off intensive track by describing the sets as 3.5 inches. Ross and Dave did some scientific measurements when they arrived and found the set to be only 3.2 inches. Even though Carl was immediately on notice of dismissal, we didn't spoil his day by telling him, but enjoyed a few tiny ripples in the glorious sunshine and clear air today.