Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pointy of the Month: Andrew

Name or nickname: Vicars
Favorite surfing beach: Pointys
Best surfing moment (describe): When Mel and I managed to pull off a tandem ride on the SUP Board, mainly because I love her so much. (Mel if you are reading you can probably skip question 19)
Surfing hero (and why): Taj Burrows – because some local guy said I looked like him (Tobes also pointed out that just like Taj I too am yet to win a world title)
Favored board type: My brand new custom designed 6’8” short board which I foolishly left in the safe-keeping of my brother in N.Z.
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Any aerial moves – I’m pretty close right now.
Dream surf spot: Our family bach at Palm Beach. Once every year it throws up a wave or two.
Other sport (play) and (watch): I’ll play any sport I can and watch just about anything except for billiards and Yankees baseball games. Unfortunately, this counts out all of the sports channels we get here.
Greatest personal sporting moment(s): Bowl Champions, St Lukes Indoor Netball League, Division C
Ultimate pin up: Last sighted on the back of the male toilet cubicle. If anyone has any information regarding her whereabouts please contact A. Vicars or A. Gray.
Food: Anything from a corner bakery back home.
Drink (variety): Budweiser or Taipei Gold Medal Ale
Thing you miss most about home: Food, friends and the outdoors
Thing you like best about Taiwan: Cleaner than Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok, cheaper than Singapore and relaxed enough to give you the freedom to do just about whatever you want.
Music: Rock from the 90’s - Blind Melon, Tool, Pearl Jam, RAGE, Weezer, etc.
Best advice you’ve ever had: Get a haircut.
Movie: Best inspirational movie: Old school
Best quotable movie: The castle
Best action movie: Terminator 2 the final and definitive terminator movie. All subsequent terminator movies are blasphemy. Jihad my brothers, Jihad!
Collections: CD’s + Surfboards (5 and counting) and those little black things from the field (3498 + counting)
Who would play you in a movie? Me. Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes would play my girlfriends.
Current car: Ford Telstar
Dream car: Audi RS6 wagon or any car with a working radio and central locking
Near death experience: Too many to mention, although stupidity is the common ingredient in all of them.
Your idea of a great night out: An afternoon BBQ, some back yard cricket or rugby followed by a good house party. A house with a pool or close proximity to the beach would be perfect.
Philosophy on life: Sleep when you’re dead.

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