Friday, September 30, 2005

Wrong End?

We're definitely at the wrong end of this island. Gazza over at bluebirdboarding has posted some spectacular video footage and close up surf shots in the past couple of days. Check it out here and drool.
The superbly named Typhoon Longwang might bring us something. Keep those mobile phones switched on over the weekend. Be really careful of the previously mentioned speed trap ; Carl just got a whopping fine in the post and a pretty picture of his car at the same spot, this time going through a red light.
I just had to post these photos of my home break back in Australia at Merewether. This morning, the waves were beautiful and the dolphins came out to play too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What's happening??

Dave and Ross did the after work run to the Rocket yesterday. A few nice ones, bit bumpy but breaking out at the point.
Problem: 12 guys out on one peak at 4pm on a week day!
Solution: Go to Green Bay
Turned out smaller and slushier, but no crowd.
The longer term solution might be more problematic: maybe heaps more swell and much colder temps??
My new camera is on its way: thanks for all the Pointies who helped me out in my time of need and sent me some photos for posting....

Sunday, September 25, 2005

rocket splutters out


Mystery wave to be explained at a later date.
Carl went out with Steve to the rocket and at 8.30 there were already 28 guys in the water. It had fizzled out to 1 foot bank bangers, thigh deep and closing out. This swell does not hang around long!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rocket shock!


This photo is nothing more than a gratuitous device to grab your attention due to the lack of a surf photo. Worked, didn't it!
Ross, Dave and Carl were in two minds about a surf this morning. Ross and Dave ventured out not expecting much. They wound their way round the remnants of the Coastal Duathlon and found some 2 to 3 foot smooth rocket waves. Proved to be about 3 or 4 foot out there on the set and the rocket bank was at its fast paced, smooth, hollow best. Dave got excited by doing his first tail slide on a left hander. Some critical bank takeoffs were a feature for the boys early on. Joined by an Irishman on a boogieboard and a Frenchman carving on a shortboard...kinda surreal.
Dan got a phone report and got over there with Nicky and Zef. It had filled up a bit chopped up and dropped, but the outside was starting to work with some long rights....maybe we'll get a report?
Pointy of the Month Coomba hosted the AFL grandfinal...plenty of Pointies there when R&D made it at 1/2 time..great fun!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Speed Point!

A very sneaky speed trap, this one. Between turnoff from the mountain and Jinshan number 2. There is a small narrow straight road through some shops just before the service station(in the distance on the right) going towards Jinshan no 2. This is the last set of traffic lights. The speed limit through the little stretch of town is actually 50. Take care, beware.
Ross and Dave also checked the abysmal conditions at Rocket, Green Bay and both Jinshans this morning. All flat, but an intriguing offshore wind at far end of Green Bay. Where did that come from? It was actually quite pretty with the clear air we're having at the moment;banana boat on the beach and 4X4 nearly getting bogged dropping off a jet ski. There was even water skiing behind a rubber ducky...I kid you not!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Social Pointies

Official Pointy photographer Lewy explains the intricacies of shutter speeds to an enraptured Clarky.

Pointy Wol, Ross and Bob, with Pointy Josh peeking over their shoulder, enjoying a couple of refreshing sherbets.

Dave, Bob, Peter and Josh rinsed the salt water from their mouths with just a couple of cleansing ales.

Our motto: always drink in moderation

Monday, September 12, 2005

Robbo reporting...

Intrepid reporter, Dan Robinson reports:

The surf turned out alright yesterday afternoon, despite maxing out in the morning, the swell rapidly dropped during the day. With the ever present threat of an onshore lurking around the wind managed to stay off shore and glass off in the afternoon.
Jinshan point was working, although Bobby felt like an ocean buoy sitting waiting for the swell to hit the point, he managed to scored a number of peelers off the mad woman with the helmet, who through her kamikaze act manage to scare most punters off the waves by aiming her board at their heads.
The inside bank, just off the restaurant provided some great sucky, punchy shoulder high waves. If you were prepared to sit through the close out sets you could score some goodies. The peak out side the main car park provided some great top to bottom drops, which fatted out on the rights and provided the possibility of a cover up on the left, with an inevitable hammering at the end.
Earlier in the afternoon, Bobby scored the southern end of Green bay for an hour or so, however the dropping swell and changing wind moved him up to Jinshan which provided the best show.
The northern end of Green Bay was throwing up a dredging 1-2 ft sucky wave. Nicky snaked a few locals to score some nice rides into the punters swimming on the beach. Carnage, as always, was entertaining and some local dude managed to be sliced along his side with a nasty fin cut, forcing him to hold it together until an ambulance arrived, who then gave him a plaster strip and said OK.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pointy of the Month: Coombsy

Coomba imagines that next big wave

Name or nickname: Peter Coombs aka Coombsy aka Coomba
Favorite surfing beach: Gunnamatta Beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.
Best surfing moment (describe):The first time I stood up and thought "oh this is what its about".
Surfing hero (and why): Occy...Showed that surfing does not have to be a young person's game.
Favored board type: If I can borrow a quote from a few Sydneysiders, "The longer and thicker the better."
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Barrel
Dream surf spot: Anywhere where I can hit the beach before work would be a dream spot.
Other sport (play) and (watch): All footy codes, cricket, golf, foxy boxing
Ultimate pin up: Halle Berry
Food: Chicken Parma...with chips and salad
Drink (variety): VB...It's a boutique beer at a domestic price / Jack
Daniels and Diet Coke...Black gold
Thing you miss most about home: Chicken Parma
Thing you like best about Taiwan: Dumplings
Music: Stones, AC/DC, Jet ....that type of thing
Best advice you’ve ever had: "Stop your whinging and just get on with it." Various people.
Movie: Goodfellas....guns, gangsters, intrigue and a great soundtrack.
Collections: I collect memories and they are all very special.
Who would play you in a movie? Owen Wilson...not a classic leading man, but has a certain charm with the ladies.
Current car: Ford Festiva SB
Dream car: I'd be very happy with a brand new Falcon wagon.
Near death experience: It all started when I heard the front door open and she said "Shit, that'll be me husband"..........
Your idea of a great night out: Good meal, plenty of laughs, VB's flowing, music pumping and a little late night streaking.
Philosophy on life: Live fast... die old.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bitter Pill

There won't be any photos on here for a while. Ross and Dave had their window smashed while they were out at the Pilly: cash, keys, wallets, cards, phones, watches and cameras all stolen. They even stole our clothes, leaving us to drive back in boardies.
The boys had just enjoyed a rare surf: quality, fun long lines, peaking and going left and right, touch of offshore for many months.
Suffice to say that, if caught, the perpetrators will be dealt with harshly.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This is it!


I promise! The last lot of photos from Sunday's rocket....I'm just so ecited about this new camera perspective!
Looks like the tail end of the swell tomorrow, so might be the last chance for a while.
missed it
nice peak
rocket ross

Monday, September 05, 2005

The boys light up

carl on a beauty

Ross and Carl latched onto a few beauties at the rocket yesterday....nice perspective from the up-close camera. Young Jack had fun inshore while Dad had a close eye on him.
tobes and jack

Sunday, September 04, 2005

underwater camera!!

Ross slashing the greenie

Right in the thick of the action now, Dave treaded water with his new underwater housing. There are a few shots here of Brian, Carl and Ross. More to come soon. Quite a fun day at the rocket.
paddle hard!
carl goes for it
two for this wave
brian paddles out

Friday, September 02, 2005


As soon as it arrived it went.
This is yet another teaser from yesterday afternoon. Carl, Ross, Dave, Tobes all met at the Rocket:flat.
Went round to Jinshan where Clarky and Aaron had the big blue double ski preparing for action.
Jinshan blown and 1 foot; at least the boys might put the Big Blue sideways and get rid of some of the crowd!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Offshore afternoon

long awaited

Clean lines, offshore winds, fun size, plenty of speed and power.
Carl, Ross and Dave enjoyed some little beauties this afternoon on the edge of the typhoon. The boys were all reveling in carving some long clean lines on smooth open faces.
More please!!
nice peak