Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rocket shock!


This photo is nothing more than a gratuitous device to grab your attention due to the lack of a surf photo. Worked, didn't it!
Ross, Dave and Carl were in two minds about a surf this morning. Ross and Dave ventured out not expecting much. They wound their way round the remnants of the Coastal Duathlon and found some 2 to 3 foot smooth rocket waves. Proved to be about 3 or 4 foot out there on the set and the rocket bank was at its fast paced, smooth, hollow best. Dave got excited by doing his first tail slide on a left hander. Some critical bank takeoffs were a feature for the boys early on. Joined by an Irishman on a boogieboard and a Frenchman carving on a shortboard...kinda surreal.
Dan got a phone report and got over there with Nicky and Zef. It had filled up a bit chopped up and dropped, but the outside was starting to work with some long rights....maybe we'll get a report?
Pointy of the Month Coomba hosted the AFL grandfinal...plenty of Pointies there when R&D made it at 1/2 time..great fun!

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