Friday, September 30, 2005

Wrong End?

We're definitely at the wrong end of this island. Gazza over at bluebirdboarding has posted some spectacular video footage and close up surf shots in the past couple of days. Check it out here and drool.
The superbly named Typhoon Longwang might bring us something. Keep those mobile phones switched on over the weekend. Be really careful of the previously mentioned speed trap ; Carl just got a whopping fine in the post and a pretty picture of his car at the same spot, this time going through a red light.
I just had to post these photos of my home break back in Australia at Merewether. This morning, the waves were beautiful and the dolphins came out to play too.

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Anonymous said...

Remind me again why we are living in Taiwan???!!! It can't be those poo coloured waves pictured above!!!!