Monday, September 12, 2005

Robbo reporting...

Intrepid reporter, Dan Robinson reports:

The surf turned out alright yesterday afternoon, despite maxing out in the morning, the swell rapidly dropped during the day. With the ever present threat of an onshore lurking around the wind managed to stay off shore and glass off in the afternoon.
Jinshan point was working, although Bobby felt like an ocean buoy sitting waiting for the swell to hit the point, he managed to scored a number of peelers off the mad woman with the helmet, who through her kamikaze act manage to scare most punters off the waves by aiming her board at their heads.
The inside bank, just off the restaurant provided some great sucky, punchy shoulder high waves. If you were prepared to sit through the close out sets you could score some goodies. The peak out side the main car park provided some great top to bottom drops, which fatted out on the rights and provided the possibility of a cover up on the left, with an inevitable hammering at the end.
Earlier in the afternoon, Bobby scored the southern end of Green bay for an hour or so, however the dropping swell and changing wind moved him up to Jinshan which provided the best show.
The northern end of Green Bay was throwing up a dredging 1-2 ft sucky wave. Nicky snaked a few locals to score some nice rides into the punters swimming on the beach. Carnage, as always, was entertaining and some local dude managed to be sliced along his side with a nasty fin cut, forcing him to hold it together until an ambulance arrived, who then gave him a plaster strip and said OK.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt realise surfing was a 'blood sport'....I think if this is known more broadly you may get the shy bearded new york eel fisherman on a surf board...