Friday, December 30, 2005


No pics a week or so.
Hikkaduwa is perfection. Mid-winter, swell solid (3-4'), tropical water and air temp. Huge fish and turtles swim below us on the reef in crystal clear waters. Wind offshore till at least 11 every day, the "A frame" is hollow fast and breaking left and right in mechanical consistency. Stalling into little barrels or long fast rides all possible. Sri Lanka is goin' off!
Might not come back..............

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pointy of the Month: Lewy

Name or nickname: Lewey,Punky
Favorite surfing beach: Clifton (Tasmania)
Best surfing moment (describe): Body surfing huge ten foot monsters as a 16 year old at Clifton beach.
Surfing hero (and why): Occy(Mark Occhilupo)…..shows you that you can achieve greatness when people thought you were past it.
Favored board type: Totalisator Agency Board
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Stand Up
Dream surf spot: Shipsterns Bluff
Other sport (play) and (watch): Horse racing, Aussie Rules, Cricket,Golf,Rugby
Ultimate pin up: Angelina Jolie, Salma Hyek and Alison White.
Food: Thai and Indian
Drink (variety): Beer
Thing you miss most about home: The racetracks and TAB.
Thing you like best about Taiwan: The lack of ‘aggro’ in the pubs and streets.
Music: Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Johnny Cash ,Neil Young, Hoodu gurus and Powder Finger.
Best advice you’ve ever had: Do not let the euphoria of a new experience colour your judgement.
Movie: Fargo,
Collections: Rocks, Cds,books, discarded betting slips, race horses
Who would play you in a movie? Jack Black
Current car: A silvery blue thing
Dream car: A red one…Alison would love to drive me around in that!
Near death experience: Fell down a cliff when I was 9. Driving over the mountains to the surf with Braggett and Tucker.
Your idea of a great night out: Head off in the warm summer evening to the Moonee valley night gallops with a bunch of keen punting mates ….then after backing many winners and watching Drizzle win …head out on the town to have many more beers and share stories with friends…..or a nice family dinner at a thai restaurant…preferably in Thailand.
Philosophy on life: Try not to make too many plans…….live for now….the glass is always half full…so just keep topping it up.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who's on fire?

As the temperatures dip and the wind chills, there is one pointy who will laugh at the cold. The one who wears the mighty fireskin, marvel of modern technology. As his fellow club members shake uncontrollably in the frigid air, as they lose control of their bladders in the icy depths to try to stave off hypothermia, he with the foreskin will be warm and snug.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Re-discovered and Rocket destruction

Checked out years ago...dismissed and now re-visited. Jinshan crowd is crazy, even in the colder weather, even sadder is the destruction of the Rocket. Carl reports, trucks dumping dirt, the river course changed etc. The only good news is the Pointy Hat temple being built in honour of our great club overlooking the spot we popularised!

Carl, Ross and Dave re-discovered this spot and got a few interesting lefts. Ask and we'll tell you!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Surgin' Sunday

Top coast blown, pilly beckoned. Stormy, surgin' stuff for a Sunday!
Dave and Ross got a few of these powerful rights (above and below)...had to get out and walk back each time...killer rip today. A few boomers hit them on the head..all good fun!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shark Biscuits

Eat it shark biscuit!

I'm pretty tolerant, but I hate those shark biscuits. Bodyboards, boogieboards, esky lids, speed humps, shark biscuits, whatever you like to call them, I don't like them and the only lower form of surfcraft is a jet ski. So, wasn't I happy to witness the artistry of Jason Sedor on the bluebirdboarding site. I even like Boy George now! To see what I'm talking about, check out Jason's masterpiece here.

Wind dies, swell dies


Carl and dave did a late dash over the mount yesterday arvo: howling onshore, lots of wind-slapped rubbish everywhere. No chance for a wave, came back without going in.
This is a late morning piccy of Jinshan: the swell has died with the wind. Ross, Dave and Carl have decided to have another look tomorrow. Dan and Tobes might be heading out now.
Get those Pointy T shirt orders in on Monday!