Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our Youngest Pointy!

Michelle Stanley Joyce, husband Marty and the kids made it out to Jinshan 2, weekend before last. Here's what Michelle had to report:

"Marty caught a handful of waves. He also gave Abbie (6) some lessons
and it was Faith's first big day at the beach. A good time was had by
all except when we realized that half of us used expired

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Three boys and a ball

look top right!
nice catch Wal
Wal throws. josh dives

3 boys with sore shoulders from boxing yesterday, totally flat, beautiful day, warm yet refreshing water. Josh's tennis ball provided some entertainment and when the boys had finished their silly game, Cass also got in for a swim. Great to see the horizon on a sunny day away from Tienmu.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pointy of the Month: Tobes

Name or nickname: Tobes
Favorite surfing beach: Huntington Beach
Best surfing moment (describe): When my son switched from the long board and finally managed to ride and work his fish around. He was so excited. That night when I was tucking him to bed he told me that surfing was his new favorite sport.
Surfing hero (and why): Rob Machado Switches from long board to short board to fish without any worries. He just surfs what is right at the moment. I guess he reminds me of the old soul surfers who surf for the love of surfing without the competition aspect. I also really like Wingnut as he seems to really enjoy being in the water and having fun without all the agro/ macho stuff.
Favored board type: Long board, but I am trying to get more comfortable on a short board.
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Tubed or covered. Problem is it might take 10 years for me to get good enough and at my age I might be dead by then.
Dream surf spot: The spot doesn’t really matter as much as the friends I’m in the water with, but if I had to pick one it would have to be Bali.
Other sport (play) and (watch): volleyball(play) NBA (watch) or is it the other way around?
Greatest personal sporting moment(s):On the court coaching volleyball at UCSB’s elite camp with guys from the USA Olympic Gold Medal Volleyball Team. I had watched them on TV during the Olympics and they were the players who inspired me to play and coach volleyball. To be on the court working with them was a real thrill.
Ultimate pin up: Farrah Fawcett or anything that Peter Clark has recently e-mailed.
Food: Peanut Butter on just about anything.
Drink (variety): rum and coke
Thing you miss most about home: Being able to own a boat and news/sports talk radio. Also really miss being able to watch all the Laker’s games on TV.
Thing you like best about Taiwan: The people and the food.
Music: James Taylor, Grinspoon
Best advice you’ve ever had: From my dad: “Don’t marry a beautiful woman…there a pain in the ass.” Also from my dad: “When I (dad) get really old put me in an old folks home. When you want to have sex on the dining room table you don’t want me shuffling around the house in my slippers.”
Movie: Step into Liquid
Collections: Surf stuff
Who would play you in a movie? Someone with a big nose…Hoffman, Cruise, Streep???
Current car: white delica van, my wife calls it the ambulance.
Dream car: BMW X5 (I have kids)
Near death experience: When living in Zaire a military coup was attempted. I spend some time looking down the barrel of an AK 47.
Your idea of a great night out: At the beach, with friends, a fire, some drinks, and some laughs.
Philosophy on life: Life is short so experience as much as you can.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Horrific Scenes!

oh dear!

One of the Pointies found himself wearing most innappropriate headware down at Jinshan 2 on Sunday. Luckily, the horrific scene was rectified when Josh found a correct Pointy in his car.
that's better!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Steve drops off

Tidy number 2

L to R: Aaron, Steve, Josh, Carl, Rob

Rob and Aaron got some nice long fatties from out the back and as seen above, Steve showed the old blokes how to do it. Carl, Sean, Steve and Josh along with Aaron and Rob were just about finished by the time Dave and Cass finally made it over. Beautiful day, bloody hot..always good to get out of the city.

Conditions holding so far

this is NOT Taiwan

Shot from July at a desrted beach just round from Merewether. However, there is all sorts of action on today. Josh and Carl have both headed towards Jinshan 2 and Dave and Cass will follow in an hour or so. Swell has eased, but conditions still look pretty good this morning

Saturday, August 19, 2006


touch of swell

Some of the pointies had a few sherbets last night, so this touch of swell has not been enjoyed today by all. Looks like a fair crowd...let's hope the waves hang around for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What the....

These are some sad old days Pointies. The jinshan boys must be having a good chat out there as there is no swell at all. Everyone's looking forward to that next Pointy of the month: now if I could just get those answers in....!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Grab the big planks

The set pumps through Jinshan.

There are about 25 surfers sitting on the tiny peak and it looks pretty small and weak. Also looks clear, bright and hot...drag out the big planks!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Josh and Wol turn pointy

Big Wol and Big Josh have been convinced that this surfing caper might be the go after all. Seen at activity centre and Jinshan during the break, the boys certainly looked the part, sporting the correct headwear. Hope to see you out at the beach again soon boys.

We're Back!

We're back after 2 months. Here are some iconic images of Merewether beach as well as the new opened-up view from inside Dave's unit.
Typhoon hovering around might produce some action: watch this space (and the links of course)
Pointy news....
Tobes: broke his leg, just got cast off, a little grumpy?!
Ross: has been surfing most days in the cold of Dunedin, just bought new house
Josh and Wol: getting real keen after a couple of trips over the hill lately.

Lots of boys contacting Alex re new boards....new teachers interested along with Dave, Carl, Wol and others.