Monday, June 05, 2006


Unreal sendoff day for Ross on Saturday. Great weather, waves...perfect for the novices and the experienced. Beach cricket, a few beers, great company: what more could we ask for?
Awards were given down at the Green later on, some of the most notable were wave of the day going to Bobby P and best perfomance by a newie going to DJ.
Some more shots will filter in over the next day or two, but here are a few to keep you going.
Not only Ross, but also Coomba, Bobby Penry and Clarky will leave the Taiwanese side of the "Pointies" in the next few days. We wish them all the best and I expect to get some shots and/or stories to post here from Big Wave Bay in Hong Kong, a beach near Chennai, Jakarta(probably Bali...jealous!) and Dunedin(break out the wetsuit Ross!). Good luck boys!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fingers crossed...

still looks great...let's hope it lasts

bus leaves at 1.30 don't forget boys!


Conditions are just about perfect for the bus boys today:

Lumps and bumps all over the place. If the weather holds, the swell holds and the wind stays relatively calm, we're in for a great day!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Send offs

Well, Tobes took Clarky and Penry over for a farewell surf this afternoon, so it looks like they struck a few nice little ones.
Let's hope we get something like these conditions tomorrow for the bus boys...just enough to make it interesting but not too much for the 1st timers!

Here come the bus boys!

Ross and Carl got some small ones at Jinshan no 2 yesterday afternoon, but really enjoyed that rareset of conditions up north here: a refreshing offshore spray.

Well, that swell has disappeared again! The "bus boys" are all on for tomorrow, so conditions might be calm for them...but, you never know what might whip up overnight!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here's hoping...

Let's hope the bus boys get something similar on Saturday. Looking good at Jinshan, lightest of winds, no rain and a touch of swell...why is no one on that little right hander?!