Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pointy of the Month: Greg

Name or nickname: Greg (GC), no doubt some others that people haven’t told me about.
Favorite surfing beach: Baishawan or St. Clair, Dunedin, NZ (if it wasn’t for the wild life)
Best surfing moment (describe): Getting up that first time – can’t wait until the second time!
Surfing hero (and why): Anybody who can stand up regularly, but, gotta love Laird
Favored board type: Anything over 8ft long and preferably 2 ft wide!
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Stand up and ride a wave for more than 5 seconds – honestly!
Dream surf spot: 3-4 ft, empty Indo reef break, water 28deg, 50ft yacht moored off shore with tender ferrying me and a few of my buddies in and out all day long (as long as the coral wasn’t too sharp and I didn’t fall onto any of it – don’t’ really care if my buddies do though).
Other sport (play) and (watch): Sailing, Rugby, Basketball
Greatest personal sporting moment(s): Cleaning up at the Hawkes Bay (NZ) Surf Life Saving Champs while still a member of another club from another region, Two week surfing and skiing trip around the South Island NZ
Ultimate pin up: Jessica A (even if she is pregnant), for someone closer to my own age of…40, Monica Bellucci is pretty hot!
Food: Fish and Chips or Indian, or Indian Fish and Chips (do they do that?)
Drink (variety): Beer Speights (NZ), Wine Sauvignon Blanc NZ or Australian
Thing you miss most about home: Good Fish and Chips
Thing you like best about Taiwan: Lawlessness on the roads, convenience, people.
Music: Deep Purple (always), Led Zepp, Clapton, Stones, Alice etc but happy to branch out into some Life House, Goo Goo Dolls, Evermore and not afraid to admit I do have some 70’s schmooze in the form of Burt Bacharach and others.
Best advice you’ve ever had: An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind! Not sure if I could follow it though.
Movie: Too many – I have to watch, no matter how many times I have seen them – The Negotiator, Spy Game, Enemy of the State, The Matrix and I do have the original Star Trek series and movies.
Collections: Original Star Trek Episodes
Who would play you in a movie? Kirk (ok maybe Uhura), or the little guy off Fantasy Island, you know - “boss, de plane de plane”
Current car: Space Gear
Dream car: 08 Honda Fireblade 1100 – I know, not a car, but man I would like one
Near death experience: Many here – Ball Bearing trolleys down steep narrow footpaths, 4 man surf canoes in big surf, landing in a typhoon at Chiang Kai Shek Airport a couple of years ago and all flights on China Airlines + flying in mega turbulence on X Plane Flight Sim, and every time I landed at Kai Tak (for real)
Your idea of a great night out: Good food, good movie, good coffee, with good friends
Philosophy on life: Do it to them before they do it to you – (goes with the best advice I ever had). Look before you leap but don’t forget, he who hesitates is lost.

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