Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pointy of the Month: Rourkey

Name or nickname: Shaun
Favorite surfing beach:
Carlton Beach, Hobart
Best surfing moment (describe):  Wouldn’t call myself a surfer, but winning some body surf competitions in between rounds of beach cricket would be a highlight
Surfing hero (and why): Occy – anyone who can get that fat and then come back and win a world title, deserves respect
Favored board type: As long as possible so I have a chance of standing
Surfing maneuver you’d love to do:
Dream surf spot: Surf in the Eddy competition in Hawaii, first off, I have my sights on the 1 footers at Baishawan
Other sport (play) and (watch): Aussie Rules, Cricket are the two I like the most
Greatest personal sporting moment(s): Had none – all were done sitting on the couch watching tv
Ultimate pin up: Dave Braggett
Food: Yes please and I will have two of them
Drink (variety): Coke zero has my fancy at the moment
Thing you miss most about home: Having a backyard and a dog
Thing you like best about Taiwan: People, food and having a nanny
Music: I have not heard anything new for the last 10 years – I am turning into an old person who refuses to listen to any new music…very sad
Best advice you’ve ever had: Do your best…and win.  Frequently given to me by Jack O’Rourke – Grandfather , I often proved that the two did not necessarily go hand in hand  
Movie: Shawshank Redemption, Dances with Wolves
Collections: 2 stamps, 3 coins and 3 years worth of lint from my bellybutton 
Who would play you in a movie? A taller and better looking Tom Cruise
Current car: Mazda MPV 2003
Dream car: Mazda MPV 2004
Near death experience: Cycling in YangmingShan and had a head on with a car, I was hurt but you should have seen the car!!!
Your idea of a great night out: Watching Wol on the dance floor and busting some moves – always brings with it a chuckle or two. 
Philosophy on life: Things always happen for a reason


Nev from Novena said...

Hang on Tom Cruise has hair??

david said...

Always great to hear from the wonderful Nev!