Monday, February 14, 2011

Tasmanian Nirvana

While our man Robbo goes in search of Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz (more on this when he returns in a week or so), there are others finding surfing gold back in Australia. Here, Taswegians Jy Johannesson and Ethan Wilson decided to jump on their pushies and take a trip through an undisclosed national park in their chosen southern state. 3-4 foot peaks were found, ripped and then left alone, like no-one was ever there. Rourkey, Wal, Lewy....where is this place??!!!
( Photo: Australian Surfing Life)


Lewey said...

Bruny Island....Southwest somewhere....??

Friend of Lewey said...

By the colour of the sand, it's somewhere on the east coast - north of Friendly Beach...I could speculate, but that would be unethical. Don't you have problems with photos like this? (and) what does it say about the human ego? to not publish them period. One things for sure it aint like this all the time, as Tas surf can be best described as "fickle".
PS Nice site anyway.

Lewey said...

What is wrong with publishing photos like this?? Gives the wrong impression of Tassie surf? Or gives away secret surf spots?