Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pointy of the Month: Dan


Name or nickname: Sugarushman, Robbo, Apeman,

Favorite surfing beach: Wainui Beach – sick variety in the space of ten minutes drive

Best surfing moment (describe): After contest surf Mangamanu, Kaikoura, big misty twilight surf, a massive late drop, big wall winding through to an utter thrashing at the end.

Surfing hero (and why): You can’t go past Slater’s 8 titles! Kelly Ryan – first got me into longboarding after convincing me it wasn’t just for old farts. My Uncles for lighting my passion to get out there no matter how intimidating the conditions. Taylor Knox – not sure why, just like his surfing, Rob Machado – this guy is all about style

Favored board type: anything with a bit of length 9ft, or shorter and fatter 6.6, 2 ¾ , 14 inch tail volume, volume. I get so frustrated if I can’t catch waves. Also want something that will turn sweet as your Nana on any size so a single con cave with a reverse vee seems to have done the trick in the past.

Surfing maneuver you’d love to do: Style on any wave like Penry.

Dream surf spot: Nias - Indo, Macaronis - Mentawai Scorpion Bay - Baja - One day we’ll make it

Other sport (play) and (watch): Love snow boarding, rock climbing, cliff jumps or just going fast in general.

Greatest personal sporting moment(s): One of my first forays into longboard comp surfing, in a local contest I just kept winding my way through the heats, all the while coming out of the water thinking I was last. Ended up winning the damn thing, even beating the then and present current NZ champ– he had an off day to be sure but it still blew my little corker!

Ultimate pin up: Gotta be our little two little robbo’s

Food: Mum’s cooking

Drink (variety): Anything free

Thing you miss most about home: Surfing after work – it’s a downer – try not to think about it.

Thing you like best about Taiwan: Being able to pretty much drive how I want, even spin a U-turn on the freeway if you can find a gap in the barriers, or reverse back up the side cos you’ve missed the off ramp. How sweet is that?

Music: Donovan, Johnson, Rudd – this dude is sweet, Josh boy just flick me a copy - Xaiver Rudd

Best advice you’ve ever had: If only I could remember it

Movie: Dogtown Z Boys - In Gods Hands – Terminator 2 Judgement Day – Endless Summer 2

Collections: Thought I collected toys until I meet Azza

Who would play you in a movie? Jim Carry in – Pet Detective, Wingnut in - Endless Summer 2, Rob Schneider in – 50 First Dates

Current car: 1992 Ford Econo Van

Dream car: Holden Statesman HQ, HZ

Near death experience: Pissing on my mates dry wetsuit before a mid winters surf.

Your idea of a great night out: Some else’s good night so they’re too hung out to snake my waves letting me score uncrowded perfection dawnie at the Bowl.

Philosophy on life: If its not roaring, ya foots not down hard enough

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