Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oil and Water

act centre pumping

Carl, Steve, Ross and Dave not only discovered that 1 footers pumping through the activity centre don't get the adrenaline flowing, but also that oil and water don't mix. A pleasant windless day of tiny smooth faces and peeling waves was spoilt by a sheen of diesel on the surface of the water. Those fish still go well though!

New feature for Pointyhat

Pointyhat now has video capability! Scroll to bottom of page to see a couple. If you don't wish to see endless Hikkaduwa videos, send Dave some of your best.....those fish boys will be itching to post some footage I imagine!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Flying Fish!

Even though the activity centre end of Jinshan only had a messy peak break going, Ross and Dave were most impressed with their new fish. The boards turned sharply and well and they flew across the few clean faces they got. Very exciting, lots of potential and don't those boards look pretty?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kenting Grommies

Jack and Wei-Wei got a few Kenting foamies over the break; doesn't the water look clear down there? Tobes played proud photographer. This new breed of Pointyhats are certainly learning their craft well. Watch out old fellas, these kids are getting really good!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Cold and wet and windy and uninviting and too early! The dawn patrol run didn't work so well today. Pillbox and Sandy beach blown: north coast copping even stronger onshore winds.
(apologies for poor photo quality)
Dan reports getting a few boomers at the northern end of green bay, touch of west on it at that end of the island and the same kinda unusual swell direction noticed by the Pillbox boys.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Summer Surfin' Grommies!

Here are some summer photos sent in by contributors! Young Luke Pettigrew looks a good prospect here, learning some of dad's tricks. Beautiful position on the board, concentrating and styling. Even little Emma got a couple, putting the choke hold on Big Garry.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grab a rail

Check out the Pipe Masters here.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Warm winter water

sunrise over Green Bay
early waves
nice ones off the point
fast breaking peak

It was so warm on this Winter's day that Dave was trying to tear the fireskin off after 30 minutes. The dawn patrol saw Ross and Dave in the water at Green Bay super early and they got a few tasty rights peeling off that wall near the rivermouth. Bit full outside, they hit the bank on about 2 inches of water and really hollowed out. About an hour and a half later, Carl, Tobes and Gary turned up as well. Ross and Dave attracted a few local boys with no imagination to look elsewhere, so there was quite a crowd by 9 o'clock. Not bad.........

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shipstern's Ahoy!

"I had quite a few beers with my mate Staz and handed on a Pointy Hat shirt(a few Tasmanians are now wearing them). He told me that we had to get up at 7 to catch some waves on the tide. Due to a late night he didnt arrive at our place hassling me until 10..I thought my plan had worked but he kept cajouling me into having a go...he had brought around all the gear.......we had missed any decent waves but there was still a small wave being surfed by some young kids. The most difficult thing was getting the wet suit on!
Staz then ran me through a few drills on the beach and it was into the surf...bloody freezing!
Unfortunately the waves were neither bi g or powerful...certainly not big or powerful enough to carry a clumsy overweight bloke towards the beach.....I almost got up a couple of times but tended to just sink the board!
I didnt even have to compete with other surfers...the 10 year olds cleared out of the way when they saw yours truly heading towards them out of control!"
Well, Pointy of the Month Lewy sounds like he had an experience. Next stop Shipstern's Bluff methinks!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Peak of Dreams

fun left

Dave did come was hard.
Cass dragged herself away from pooldeck to take a few shots. This place just went off for 14 days straight.
Downside: Crowded peak....40 guys sometimes just on one peak! Had to re-learn the hustle...
Upside: Crystal warm water, international (Japanese, Aussie, German, French, Spanish, English, Sri Lankan) yet friendly and competitive crowd, sealife swimming below on the reef, surfing mag quality waves which kicked, walled up and sucked off the reef. Offshore all morning and some arvos. Consistent quality. Awesome food. Friendly locals. Too many to mention......................!
the "a frame"
bottom turn
dave goes right