Sunday, September 18, 2005

Speed Point!

A very sneaky speed trap, this one. Between turnoff from the mountain and Jinshan number 2. There is a small narrow straight road through some shops just before the service station(in the distance on the right) going towards Jinshan no 2. This is the last set of traffic lights. The speed limit through the little stretch of town is actually 50. Take care, beware.
Ross and Dave also checked the abysmal conditions at Rocket, Green Bay and both Jinshans this morning. All flat, but an intriguing offshore wind at far end of Green Bay. Where did that come from? It was actually quite pretty with the clear air we're having at the moment;banana boat on the beach and 4X4 nearly getting bogged dropping off a jet ski. There was even water skiing behind a rubber ducky...I kid you not!

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