Saturday, June 11, 2005

Carl's Jinshan day

I'm back in Aussie now and Merewether is serving up some small, but clean offshore swell. I'm spinning out at the beauty. Carl reports from Taipei......

"Jinshan was going off today……3-4 foot solid with only 6 guys out and a lot of lookers I got about 8 great waves. Slight offshore. Clayton arrived as I left. He heard it was going off. Easy gutter out if timing was good. Some waves reforming for left along shore. Dave this one rates up there with one of the best days.
Rain and thunder predicted for next 5 days..oh shit!!!
Rocket was closing out in one line so went back to Jinshan (small crowd) and took my chances …had a great day….I know it’s a one off….Typhoon right near Osaka so swell is coming straight down
Sorry grand pointy…forgot the camera…but do have witnesses.
Will try again tomorrow….actually had my heart pumping quite a bit but form was good.


Anonymous said...

There is some suggestion amongst Tobes,Clark and others that this report by Carl is in fact more evidence for him to be on the intensive assessment track.

Anonymous said...

Intensive track for sure! "Reforming waves for the a nice left along the shore" + "going off" how can this be? Forgot the camera says it all!