Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Swell II

Looks like Danno got to surf the legendary Dog Bay just out of Dasi. This wave is the one where Dave and Ross got some heart-in-the-mouth lefts some years ago. Only works about once a year. Dan reports in: "Hitting a small spot just before town we happened to see a guy tuck in to an outstanding wave and hit the water. It was breakin pretty heavy and close to the rocks but being a respite from months without surf I was into it, despite the lack of fitness that left me grasping for breath after the heavy poundings. Each set got bigger and bigger and eventually after a couple of hours it was just not handing the size and the only thing to do was to paddle in. Only a few people paddled out during the session with the rest watchign from the safety of the shoreline. One local dude was absolutely ripping the place up with an impressive desplay of solid surfing. On the way back past Dashi the beach was empty and sizeable waves were washing in."
See video above.


bruce said...

it's actually called Duck bay. look for the video of Clayton ripping it up at triple over head

david said...

Thanks Bruce. That's a new one for me. I've also heard it called "Dock Bay", but whatever its called, it can be good fun on its day. Where's the video?

Terry from Taichung said...

If only Tuck was there...he would have loved to watch from the shoreline!

bruce said...

get in touch with jason at boardwok