Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Swell

It was a very interesting day. Dave headed to Greenball via Pillbox. Dan went to Fulong, then Dasi. Scott was at Pointies, then Little Yeliou. Pillbox, above had a touch of offshore, but was messy and swell in the wrong direction. Greenball was pumping some typhoon generated surging waves, it was very windy and a strong current. Dave met JB at Greenball and Scott reported some smaller stormies coming in at the top coast. Dan was headed to Dasi as Fulong was maxed out.
Dave joined a small crew out at Greenball, but was a total kook, hardly getting a decent wave on his brand new MR Spitfire. It was however, great to feel some surging water power again, but probably not the best choice for a wave after two months off! The camaraderie of the guys out there was great: lots of help to pull boards up over the pods, as the water really surged up to the exit spot. To add insult to injury he managed to crunch two dings through the glass on the bottom of his pristine newie...

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