Monday, November 07, 2005

Death defying Laird

Pointy of the Month Ross nominated Laird Hamilton as his favorite surfer. I read his bio and saw this quote " On August 17, 2000, he again raised the bar by towing in to what was indisputably the heaviest wave ridden to date -- a Teahupoo ledge that defies description."
I found a photo of this wave and was amazed at the whole sequence ...if you want a good scare, check it out. They reckon if he didn't make it out, he would almost certainly have died!


Anonymous said...

What is Laird Hamilton doing surfing the Rocket in this pic

Anonymous said...

For this does he meet the requirements to become a Pointy?!?!?

dave said...

I'm pretty sure we'd allow him membership, although we'd have to see some evidence of attempting the "world's smallest wave" as well!