Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back to Jinshan

getting ready

Yesterday's gold still fresh in the mind, Dave and Josh and Dan headed to Jinshan. It's all been happening: Josh was told to get out of the water Friday evening because a DEAD BODY was about to be hauled in! Josh also got good waves yesterday at Jinshan. Today, we got some onshore point waves...a bit frustrating, but the Maestro, Dan, made it all look quite effortless. We surfed out a bit of frustration after checking every spot all the way to Green Bay.....! (more photos below)


ross said...

Good looking waves at Toejam for you the other day Dave. Any left hander at the temple near Dashi? You know how I really enjoy that on a big day.

Where was Wol for the Jinshan surf? You sure that dead body wasn't just a sleeping Wol? Maybe he should just get a Pointyhat logo on that great white couch.

Dave said...

I showed Cass the infamous "Dog Bay" and tried to describe the suicide lefts into the rock wall at the temple! I've never seen it work again....
Re Wol...I think we're just going out too early: the idea of "morning" is pretty tough, I think.

Josh said...

Big Tuck,

Wol had a moment of weakness and agreed to a 7am surf, it lasted for a good 3 and a half minutes, then he came to his senses.

Mate, the little red matchbox car was hurtling over the mountain - new record - 34mins 40secs. I did it by myself, I think Wally was slowing me down!!

ross said...

Tran, after visiting Vietnam I have no doubt that you can drive your little car like a madman. Just make sure that you keep it on the road.

Good to see Wol is slowly coming around...small steps