Sunday, December 10, 2006

Return to the Pillbox

These shots look pretty good, but you had to wait for 'em on the far peak. Usual strong current, very pushy crossshore breeze that turned offshore for about 1/2 an hour when I was ready to give up, quite nice. Light rain etc, but kinda coolto be back at Pilly, even with wetsuit on against the wind and the pig farm perfume wafting over every now and then! Tobes reports yesterday and today at Baishawan: blown, not worth going out.


ross said...

Looks like a good Pillbox day. It's great if you can be floating by on the current when the set comes through, otherwise the paddle back upstream is a bastard. Dave, couldn't you lure any other punters out?

Caught some waves this morning on the little fish. Finally getting the wee sod moving properly, well sort of.

dave said...

ahh, you know that Pilly well my friend!
Carl was keen, but I didn't give him much warning and then gave a crappo surf report before I went out...ended up better than I thought.
Glad the fish is going well...I'm back on the Knights board in this stormy kinda stuff