Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunshine and betel nut

The Pillbox was a treat mid-morning. Although Carl and Dave had to wait for the set for a ride, the sun was shining, the water was relatively clear and the water temp not too bad (!)
Plenty of cheeky 2 footers kicked up on the far peak and the right hander went on and on till you were tempted to get re-acquainted with "Ross' rock". The betel nut girls on the way home always provide something to look at!


ross said...

Ahh the rock! Just tempting you to go a little further along that walling right. Still considering some of the places Dave made me surf when I had even less control than I do now I figure a a couple of embraces from local minerals was getting off lightly.

dave said...

My memory is of very sensible advice that conditions might not entirely suit your ability at this time...which was promptly ignored at all times! Giant Green Bay and Dog Bay rock wall spring to mind!

ross said...

I still wake in a cold sweat sometimes after dreaming about suicide lefts into giant concrete stars! Great times!