Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Green Room

setting up...

When it happens so rarely, it is quite a euphoric feeling. In the aftermath of Typhoon Krosvo about 1 pm on Sunday, the Cliff really turned it on. Decent size, fast crisp hollow waves and dave got one clean as a whistle, about 3 seconds in, then popped through the curtain. He's stoked! above is one of the few fast lefts that came through


Tim Bourne said...

Sweet wave!.. I am Mark Gurecki's cousin, Tim.. I live in NJ and started surfing about 5 years ago.. To say I am hooked is an understatement!.. Mark turned me onto your Blog and it is awesome. Thought you might have some post typhoon pictures.. Glad to hear everyone is ok and you all scored some great waves!..Now all we need is a decent swell here in the US :)

david said...

Hi there Tim, great to hear from you! I feel so sorry for you being Gurecki's cousin, but at least you have surfing to ease the pain! Glad you're enjoying the site and hope you get some swell over there soon.