Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's not easy being ....

Arriving at mid tide it was LOW, but Dave paddled out with local boy Jeff very tentatively. They shouldn't have worried: it was a blast! The waves just got better and better and when JB (Jim) paddled out after an hour or so, some great waves had been ripped. The crowd built steadily till 12 guys were out, the waves were peeling and powerful and big. JB showed that the longboard can work at the ball as well. What a surf! (see slideshow above)


JB said...

it fired all the way till the tide change, then the swell died down about 12:30 and 20 guys showed up...mark and I could barely paddle in the arms were so tired... fun day! and thanks for the action shots!

Dave Devey said...

Does anyone wanna let me in on where this fabled place is? I've been surfing taiwan for 6 moths now and found some nice spots, but i haven't fount this one yet.
Any hints???

If you guys ever head out and want to add a British guy from TES to your numbers let me know.

I got some great shots of Kenting area over CNY on facebook.

dave said...


No worries. I'll email you privately soon.