Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shark biscuits?

This is the biggest shark ever caught in Taiwan, possibly the world, in Seven Star Lake in Hualien in 1997. There have been a number of recent shark events, including the capture of a 2 tonne, 5 metre champion down at Ilan. (more info here). There also could have been a feeding frenzy down at Kaohsiung on 18 fishermen...check this. Sharks really creep me out, but awareness is a good thing. I always told myself that all the sharks were gone due to the voracious appetite in these parts for their fins....no such luck it seems. Thanks to Danno for all the research here.


Terry from Taichung said...

I dont know which is scarier....the huge shark or that massive movember moustache belonging to Syma!!

Cary Allen said...

No such luck? For fuck sake. Like it would be a good thing if there were no sharks in the ocean so your skinny ass could surf without having to think about them.

david said...

Poor choice of words actually Cary. I'm actually horrified at the shark fin trade and don't like to see any creature hunted and killed. Thanks for the comment about my weight loss though!