Saturday, January 24, 2009


The dawn run to the east coast proved a winning call. Tobes, Gary, Andrew, Dan and Dave found the harbour wall and the Taj not looking likely, so checked Dashi. It was blown, so back to the Taj which was cleaning up nicely. All the boys got some excellent waves, Andrew got his biggest, and Dan was mastering a takeoff then bottom turn around the big rock out the back, water boiling all around it. Tobes got a superb drop on a big pitching wave and Gary was making an art of pulling off just before the close out bank. It was cold (most photos were fuzzy from Dave's shaking hands), but not like Lake Superior! (see below) A very successful morning except for Vics a bit battered with a bruised and cut ankle. It's such a rare event to get a group of Pointies in a photo, so that it is a large feature today.

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