Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New T shirt

new t shirt being designed right now to celebrate our upcoming 25,000 hit....if you'd like some input, just write a comment below.
Some comments so far:
  • move web address back down and to side
  • include the little Meez character (see sidebar, down on the right)
  • shadow a Taiwan map behind the word Taiwan
  • some kind of silhouette, mabe including a pointy hat
  • some surf or other motif on the sleeve


Anonymous said...

Could you design a shirt with two head holes for Tasmanians?

Kenny from Kenting

Anonymous said...

Terry from Taichung would like a pink muscle shirt version to show off his underdeveloped arms and his "I love man ass" tattoo.

Dick from Dashi

david said...

Thanks Dick and Kenny! Great to hear from some new and obviously intelligent and perceptive readers (!) Terry can certainly be accommodated with a pink shirt: you know I'd love to see that tattoo, but I've never met the guy....Terry, a response please?

Anonymous said...

I think Dick has me mixed up with another Terry...but the pink muscle shirt does sound very fetching....
Terry from Taichung