Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Dave is about to hop into single figure degree water in Dunedin tomorrow. Ross has the top entry 3/3 wetsuit ready and Dave is steeling himself forthe challenge. Queenstown was extreme, but this Dunedin is also extremely cold!
Merewether has produced some great swell in the first few weeks, but obviously dodging the sealions and avoiding hypothermia will be high on the agenda for tomorrow...stay tuned!

Here is the NZ slide show


popeye said...

a 3/3 wetsuit in dundin, in the middle of winter?????
mate, you'll be spending the next 2weeks looking for your nuts!!!!!!
hope you got some good waves

Josh said...

big dave, say gday to tuck for me, hope the waves are good. I am stuck in Wisconsin, 3000 miles from any coast, so no surf for me.
Enjoy lads!!

Dave said...

Yep, it wasn't warm Popeye, but I survived....Ross had an even thinner one on!!