Thursday, March 04, 2010

STUNNING action from Snapper Rocks!

Many of the heats were amazing and the quarters were great, but this quarter final action between Parko and Dane Reynolds has to be seen to be believed. Do yourself a favour and check it out right here. GP and Robbo and I have caught a bit of this action and cannot believe the standard of surfing so it the new judging system?


Terry from Taichung said...

I believe that if they had this judging system when I was on the pro circuit that i could have won at least another 10 titles. Of course we didnt have the fast boards in the old days either-i was born at the wrong time!

david said...

Couldn't agree more Terry. Anyone who saw your fluid Michael Petersen style surfing back in the day would realise the massive impact you would have on today's tour. Looks like you'll have to content yourself with browsing those scrapbooks of yours.