Saturday, December 31, 2011

All above are Jialeshui


Two above are Bashien

Well, the second great south and east coast road trip was another resounding success. Jialeshui pumped as described in the last post and it was a balmy 25 degrees and sunny. The east coast drive was peppered with punchy left hand point breaks, all the way from the "loads of potential" Dawu, through to Sansiantai (Chenggong), which just needed another foot of swell to take the very sharp coral out of the equation. Undeterred and traveling on, Donghe had size but was blown. Bashien was a stellar find, see video above or here, although the takeoff looking straight into a boulder lined shore was heart-in-the-mouth stuff! Again deserted, it was pumping with power the whole time. To top it off on the way home, Nan Ao was at its most intimidating, breaking heavy and close to shore. For some video action check Pointyhat's own Youtube channel of Sansiantai, some kooky stuff from Dave here and here at Bashien, as well as the murderous thunder of Nan Ao!

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