Saturday, September 02, 2006

Limited Possibilities


Two shots this morning show some limited possibilities. The kiddies might get a few littlies or the big planks. Trying to be upbeat here, but personally, I'm passing. Wouldn't mind being back in merewether today though...


David said...

hi nice blog you got there!
i wish you could also visit my blog


Dan said...

Dammit I'm moving to Oz
Maybe a 14 ft board is the name of the game here this year huh. Whats up with that typhoon out there?
Maybe something more than a bump tomorrow morning huh.

Hmm yeah demented fits the profile - check it out

Anonymous said...

I did visit and I wont again.
I may pull out my own fingernails instead.
Have a nice day.

dave said...

those boys at baishawan got a couple though....i just can't pick this place at all!