Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mr. Green

Mr. Green

Who is this?
a. A reject from "Reservoir Dogs"?
b. A rabid environmentalist?
c. Some kiwi bludger pretending that he's working hard in his new business?

Answer tomorrow!


Dan said...

Time on ya hands, empty waves, empty beaches, sick barrels. Pity its so damn cold it'll freeze ya tits off and if the cold doesn't get'em a great white lurkin beneath the surface wouldn't mind a nibble.

Big Tran said...

Tucker you bludging;s the lawn mowing. You were known as the "Toe Cutter" at TAS after your scathing attack on an unsuspecting female in a meeting.....Now "The Grass Cutter", has a certain ring to it.

clarky said...

I'm really missing you Ross. No one takes the piss out of me down here like you used to. I'm sorry, but I'm a bit emotional after Steve's death, and those shorts just remind me so.....Sorry, I..

Anonymous said...

Ross who??

Ross said...

Good to see you blokes recognised it as a beach given that there weren't any dead animals, wrecked squid boats, general household rubbish, polystyrene, otters, or mates of Gidget...cold?!!'ve gone as soft as those Jinshan waves Aussies had better watch out now with Steve Irwin and Peter Brock gone.... who's next to punt the water recepticle....Lewy you can stop worrying, looks like fate's only after Ockers with some talent!

Anonymous said...

Who will be next?
Greg Norman 5/1
Barry Humphries 6/1
Sam Neil 10/1
John Howard 500/1...that would be just too much to wish for.

Newcastle to win the flag 5/1
Kiwis to choke in the next world cup...betting closed.(im not going to GIVE money away)

Honest Lewey