Tuesday, February 13, 2007


No matter what kind of waves we're getting, we certainly don't have these crowds either.
Dave's grand plan didn't eventuate but Tobes got himself out to the east coast on Sunday and got some nice mid-size ones at the "Taj Mahal". He likens it to Pointys and also said that the crowd was very thin till mid-morning.


The Budgetarian said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic web site.
Since being here in Taiwan I don't get out and surf as much as I would like but following the exploits of the Pointies I find myself living vicariously through the site.
Thanks for the hard work of keeping us informed
Hope to see ya in the water.

Shaka Brada,
Marty Joyce

dave said...

no worries Marty...I really appreciate your feedback. It's pretty good fun most of the time, but I do scratch around for photos sometimes, especially if I don't go over. Please send me anything you'd like posted (same goes to anyone else)
We're all hoping for a bit of swell over the Chinese New Year break...