Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just About Perfect

Top to bottom: Dave on...Carl catching, Dan carves the bottom, Dave knocks the top off a left, Carl going left, waiting for more, Niccy Zef and Evie in the wasteland.
Well now, it was just about perfect this morning. Not a cloud in the sky, clear blue-green water, light off shore and exceptional shape to the waves. We just needed another 2 foot on top and it would have gone down as one of THE best days. Had elements of the wedge to it (see top right) and Dan got a few down at the far wall as well. Dave, Carl and Dan all very pleased with the conditions, Cass enjoyed reading and snapping a few shots in the sun and Zef conquered a sand mountain!


ross said...

What a pic of Carl going left! Shit alert the media!

Kan said...

hey you! you drive eggplant car right? you leave my good friend Carl alone you dirty %$*#ing bastard! my wifwear helmet you pig mongrel dog bastard. you not here now right? so you can go and get @#$%&*!

ross said...

Kan great to hear from you. Your English is really improving. I guess that is because of all the emails you and your friend Carl share. Please pass on my regards to your helmet-headed wife.