Thursday, June 19, 2008

Help please Tobes!..

Hi Tobes!
Ross is coming over next month and we're off on an east coast surfin' safari...should be unreal, but I wanted to get one of your nifty little cameras. Could you write a comment here, or alternatively write me an email? It's my name (both names, all one word, lower case Thanks...hope you're getting a few. Merewether served up some nice ones yesterday, but it has been a bit big and stormy up till then.

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jacksmotor said...

you want to buy a Go Pro wrist cam. GP has the ou suction cup mount the allows you to mount it to your board. I have just finished a short movie using the Go Pro Camera. My advice when you use it is to be sure that you hold it very still, don't shot into the sun, and use rechargable batteries. I am still working out the kinks, but the thing is a blast. Look forward to seeing you in about a month. Surf here is shit. Went to the Taj Mahal several days ago with Aaaron and it was ok. Going back on Monday and am praying for surf. Hope you re having a great break. Tobes