Sunday, August 03, 2008


We're back! Just a couple of teasers for now, more to follow in the next few days. Pointyhat Ross ventured back across the ditch and we had a fun surfari up the coast, witnessing some awesome surf and getting a few for good measure. Merewether also served up a couple of epic days which I will show here. More soon, but here is Ross on a Burwood beach left and some crankin Merewether beaties.


Terry from Taichung said...

I couldnt see Tucker riding those 12 footers...obviously he is still a little soft.
T from T

Ross said...

Tezza, as always a pleasure to hear from you. I thought you'd be over in Bejing at the moment, but I guess being a smart ass isn't an Olympic sport just yet.

Terry from Taichung. said...

Maybe in London,2012. In the meantime I just have to put my head down and continue my training as well as catching as many huge waves as I can.
All the best, Tezza.