Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bali tales

Lewy shredded some massive Kahunas during his stay in Bali, but the swell had dropped off dramatically by the time anyone thought to grab a camera. His mesmerizing surfing so captivated the locals that he was later to sit round a campfire at the beach as he enthralled one and all with strange tales of far off lands, horses such as Drizzle and Georgia's Boy and their many, amazing achievements.


Terry from Taichung said...

It was a pity no one had a camera when Lewy was riding those huge waves-that Tucker could have taken notes and learnt something about riding waves higher than 3 foot.

Terry from Taichung

ross said...

Ah wee Tezza,

Yes, learning anything from Lewy would be a fine thing. Of course you have had much more experience than me riding 3+ foot waves every night when you slap your boyfriend's fat arse.

Kelly Slater said...

Hello Tezza,
Your claim to fame is still having a towelling hat named after you.
I see life must still be busy down there in Taichung, how is the surf anyway??
Will we ever see your smart arse little face up in Jinshan, maybe you could open that mouth so that we could ram a nine foot mal down your throat.
Please grac us with your presence and show us the way of the surf.....oh great doyen of Taichung