Saturday, December 06, 2008


A ship aground on the top coast near the wind farm was an amazing sight as Dave and Dan searched vainly for a rideable wave. Brought back lots of bad memories of the Pasha Bulker...
Pointies was maxed out, Green Ball looked good but had two nasty rocks right in the take off zone at low tide. Pillbox was blown and a couple of die hards were out at Shalun beach. Lots of driving for no result, but Dan headed off to the airport: wonder if he found something?


Dan Robinson said...

Yeah good call going straight home. Found a few more 7-elevens coupla o whinging kids (completely justified) and an incredibly patient wife.
Crappy ON SHORE 3-4 waves being blasted by a group of wind surfers.

Dave said...

oh.. Zeffa and Evie were both so cute early on! That's the secret for me: get out before the responsibility kicks in!!