Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slater IS the pipe master

Slater the freak has done it again. I found this report on magicseaweed, so I'll let them tell the story...
One of the best Hawaiian seasons in years, culminated in fantastic waves, which pumped throughout the final day. After yesterday's storm the blue barrels were replaced by brooding brown pits and the wrong wave choice was heavily punished.

Kelly Slater surprised everyone by riding a revolutionary, 5' 11" Al Merrick with a wide nose, long rails, and a pulled-in tail, called The Deep Six. This allowed him to get forward on the board and pump the tube for speed using his front foot. He blitzed Backdoor and Pipe with some critical, deep, barrel riding; scoring one amazing 10 point tube in the semis, making sections no-one thought possible.
Here's some amazing KS action from the comp.


Anonymous said...

Not that this is in the relevant section. I have posted a video of Greenball this sunday on youtube if you are interested in checking it out.

There are a few other vids of taiwan surf there too. Dont know who was out, might have been some of you guys.

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing this one!