Thursday, December 03, 2009

Taitung power

Friday morning nice light off shore blowing into clean 3ft waves that were providing fun walls for a mellow bunch of surfers. By mid morning it was pretty blown. The swell, as predicted, began rising and by next morning there was a solid swell breaking. Thinking that it would be a near solitary surf it was a wild surprise to see loads of surfers piling out of vans to make an assault on the fresh swell. With in the space of an hour the swarm of surfers were back in their vans and gone, after finding the pounding surf not to their liking. Leaving myself and Davin (Gottfried Mayers son, who rips) with the surf to ourselves.
With the swell continuing to build we did not last long either. We heading up the coast to another reef and scored some fantastic waves. Nice fast walls hitting a coral reef. Each tidal push increased the wave size and by late Saturday there were some solid waves rolling in.
First two pictures are of Davin and myself at Donghe and then Zef on a small inside shorey. The last photo is some guy laying down a solid line on a nice face. (Words by Dan)

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